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WARRING WOMEN ARISE AND PRAY : When Women Pray Something Happens


Overnight your life can change in the blink of an eye! Fear and alarm can set in causing your faith to be tested. The one thing we can always count on in times of unforeseen circumstances is for prayer to remain a vital lifeline that helps us to sustain and strengthen our relationship with God.


“WARRING WOMEN ARISE AND PRAY”, is an anthology overflowing with heartfelt, and insightful supplications that will promote your communication with God to higher levels. The prayers within these pages: requests for you, your family, community, business, and so much more, will encourage you and others through challenging and despairing times, renew and restore hope, and lead the world into the peace of God’s presence.


The inspirational authors herein have revealed their hearts to remind you that when you trust and depend on God, He will not allow negative circumstances to overcome you. So, if you are ready to experience deeper more purposeful encounters with God this anthology is validation that you too can join the masses of warring women who arise and pray!

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